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Labour’s Disability Democracy Review

Barry Rodin of Orpington CLP reports on the plans Labour’s disabled members have to democratise the party. A strong message from submissions of disabled members to the Labour Party Democracy Review is that they do not want the party to do things for them but with them. Following country-wide consultations of disability officers and disabled… Continue reading Labour’s Disability Democracy Review

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Anti-semitism smear escalates

John Stewart writes: The anti-semitism smear campaign against the Labour left has seen a dangerous escalation with the dismissal from his employment of Stan Keable. Formerly a member of Hammersmith CLP, Keable was expelled from the Labour Party in 2017 for his association with the organisation Labour Party Marxists. Now he has been dismissed from… Continue reading Anti-semitism smear escalates

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Truth and Justice for the Windrush Generation

Shadow Home Secretary, Diane Abbott MP, calls for the Windrush generation to be treated with dignity and humanity. The recent Windrush Generation scandal has seen people who had travelled to this country legally and who were completely certain that they were British treated with unbelievable levels of harshness and cruelty. Some of these were refused… Continue reading Truth and Justice for the Windrush Generation