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Support Mohammed Azam for NEC

Nominate Mohammed Azam for Labour’s NEC Labour Briefing Co-op, the Campaign for Labour Party Democracy, Labour CND and Kashmiris for Labour are supporting the candidature of Mohammed Azam for the Labour Party National Executive Committee (NEC). Mohammed Azam has previously served on the NEC. He is determined that Labour puts up a serious opposition to… Continue reading Support Mohammed Azam for NEC

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Don’t mourn, organise!

Stephen Beckett Labour Briefing Editorial Board member The result of the general election came as a shock, it was an upsetting shock, it was a painful shock and many exhausted activists are still in mourning. Who lost, Labour, obviously. Our party lost 2.5 million votes compared to 2017. But the Lib Dems despite gaining 1.5… Continue reading Don’t mourn, organise!