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Labour Party NEC and NCC elections (CLP section)

Support the Grassroots 5 A strong voice for members and party democracy Fighting the Tories For peace, justice and equality Against austerity, racism and war Ask your CLP to nominate the following 5 candidates for the Labour Party National Executive Committee (NEC): Jessica Barnard - Membership No L1204334 Gemma Bolton - Membership No L1405940 Yasmine… Continue reading Labour Party NEC and NCC elections (CLP section)

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Women’s Work is Never Done

Susan Pashkoff, Women’s Officer of Leyton & Wanstead CLP, looks at the contemporary relevance of International Women’s Day. International Women’s Day makes us reflect upon women’s status in our societies and whether positive changes reflecting the importance of women’s roles have occurred. One of the lessons of the Covid Pandemic is the importance of women’s… Continue reading Women’s Work is Never Done

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Keeping Women’s Conference left

Rachel Garnham, vice-Chair of the Campaign for Labour Party Democracy, looks ahead to Labour Women’s Conference. Labour’s Annual Women’s Conference (AWC) takes place 19-20 March online; and left representatives on both Women’s Conference Arrangements Committee (WCAC) and Labour’s National Women’s Committee (NWC) are working hard to try and ensure women members’ voices are heard and… Continue reading Keeping Women’s Conference left