Trade Unions

An axis between the movement and the community

The national conference of the Trades Union Councils met in Manchester on 9th and 10th June and Doug Holton, Equity delegate to Hackney TUC, was there. The Trades Councils conference debated the expected and entirely necessary motions addressing issues and challenges facing the trades union movement in its 150th year. It also held a number… Continue reading An axis between the movement and the community

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Welcome to Labour Briefing online

Christine Shawcroft On the outside What happens to radical women as they get older? Emmeline Pankhurst joined the Tory Party. Shirley Williams left Labour with the Gang of Four. God knows what Aung San Suu Kyi is up to in Burma these days. And Germaine Greer, responsible for converting thousands of women to feminism in… Continue reading Welcome to Labour Briefing online