Briefing, Labour Party

NCC elections 2018

Labour Briefing Co-op is supporting the following 6 candidates for the elections to CLP places on the Labour Party’s National Constitutional Committee (NCC):

Annabelle Harle
Cardiff West CLP
Membership number: A002070

Gary Heather
Islington North CLP
Membership number: A006966

Stephen Marks
Oxford East CLP
Membership number: A241053

Khaled Moyeed
Tottenham CLP
Membership number: L0128862

Susan Press
Calder Valley CLP
Membership Number: L0017551

Cecile Wright
Derby North CLP
Membership number: A481680

These candidates are committed to improving the integrity of Labour’s internal disciplinary processes. They would act impartially and insist on natural justice as well as fairness for all. They are also committed to securing a Jeremy Corbyn led Labour government.

The NCC is an important committee dealing with disciplinary cases regarding members of the Labour Party. As the Party fights for a more democratic and equal society, our internal governance should reflect these objectives. This will help strengthen our capacity to win national and local elections.

Nominations from CLPs closed on 28th October 2018. Voting by delegates to Labour’s 2018 Conference is taking place between 12th – 25th November.

  • These candidates are supported by the Centre-Left Grassroots Alliance (CLGA) comprising the Campaign for Labour Party Democracy, Momentum, Labour Briefing Co-op, Jewish Voice for Labour, Labour CND and other organisations.

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