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Support the left in Labour’s elections

There will be a series of elections for some of Labour’s internal national committees this year. They offer Labour Party members a chance to express their view on the direction of the party under Keir Starmer by voting for candidates that support an open and inclusive, democratic and radical party.

Women’s Conference

Labour Women’s Conference will take place online over the weekend of 26th and 27th June.

Each CLP or Women’s Branch can send two delegates, with at least one identifying as BAME, Disabled or LGBT+. All delegates must have been Labour members since at least 10th December 2020. Delegations must be registered by midnight on Wednesday 26th May (the original 10th May deadline has been changed) – meaning those CLPs closing down for the May 6th elections should elect their delegates urgently if they want to make the deadline.

The deadline for submitting a resolution to Women’s Conference is also 26th May (brought forward from 28th May). It must be on a policy issue related to women and not on party organisation. Women’s Conference can agree two resolutions to send to Annual Conference in September.

CLP delegates to Women’s Conference will be voting for six women to represent them on the newly established 17-member National Women’s Committee, decades after the former Women’s Committee was abolished by Labour’s right wing. Nominations for candidates for the Women’s Committee must also be submitted by 26th May.

Please nominate and ask your delegates to vote for the Grassroots Labour Women slate of:

Ekua Bayunu, Manchester Central CLP. Membership number: L1514209

Mandy Clare, Eddisbury CLP. Membership number: L1398270

Tricia Duncan, Perth and Kinross CLP. Membership number: A489847

Pamela Fitzpatrick, Harrow West CLP. Membership number: A220612

Chlöe Hopkins, Beverley and Holderness CLP. Membership number: L1492882

We also encourage CLPs to support Momentum’s Solma Ahmed (membership number B041818) for the sixth place, and we hope there will be close co-operation amongst the Labour left at this critical time.

For more info on the Grassroots Labour Women candidates and resolutions to support, contact Labour Women Leading: or @labourwomenlead

Conference Arrangements Committee

There are two CLP seats up for election to the Conference Arrangements Committee. These are vital posts that oversee the running of Labour’s Annual Conference. When the CAC was dominated by the Labour Right, every year it routinely ruled out dozens of resolutions submitted by CLPs if they met with disapproval from the party leadership. Close of nominations for CAC is midday on Friday 11th June and the election will take place by an OMOV ballot for all Labour Party members between 5th July to 27th August.

Nominate and vote for the two left incumbents:
Seema Chandwani (membership number L1187007) and Billy Hayes (A065571).

National Constitutional Committee

There are 4 seats up for election to the CLP section of the National Constitutional Committee (NCC). This is the quasi-judicial body that hears the most serious disciplinary cases in the Labour Party. It was established in the 1980s as a gain for members’ rights that prevented the NEC being both prosecutor and judge in disciplinary cases. Keir Starmer apparently wants to abolish it. CLPs must submit their nominations by midday on Friday 11th June and the places will be elected by a ballot of delegates to Labour’s Annual Conference in September.

Nominate and vote for:

Rheian Davies (membership number L1443442)

Anna Dyer (L0081865)

Annabelle Harle ((A002070)

Emine Ibrahim (L0150489)

The candidates for CAC and NCC are all supported by the Centre Left Grassroots Alliance.

More information on all the candidates standing for these elections is available to Labour members on the Party website:

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