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Crucial labour movement elections

Vote Steve Turner for Unite General Secretary

The deadline for Unite members to vote in this election is noon on Monday 23rd August.

If you are a Unite member, please vote for Steve Turner. Steve is the candidate who will fight for Unite’s members and ensure that Unite continues to stand up for socialist policies and democracy within the Labour Party. Not voting risks the union being run by the hard right. This is an important election for the entire labour movement as Unite plays a key role, including within the Labour Party.

Everyone, including those who are not Unite members, can help spread the word about the importance of this election and share the material from Steve’s campaign website here.

Vote Billy and Seema for Conference Arrangements Committee

There are two CLP seats up for election to the Conference Arrangements Committee (CAC). These are vital posts that oversee the running of Labour’s Annual Conference. When the CAC was dominated by the Labour Right, every year it routinely ruled out dozens of resolutions submitted by CLPs if they met with disapproval from the party leadership. The ballot is open until 13th August. Make sure you vote for Billy Hayes and Seema Chandwani.

Vote for the two left incumbents: Billy Hayes and Seema Chandwani.

National Constitutional CommitteeThere are 4 seats up for election to the CLP section of the National Constitutional Committee (NCC). This is the quasi-judicial body that hears the most serious disciplinary cases in the Labour Party. It was established in the 1980s as a gain for members’ rights that prevented the NEC being both prosecutor and judge in disciplinary cases. Keir Starmer apparently wants to abolish it. The NCC places will be elected by a ballot of delegates to Labour’s Annual Conference in September.

Tell your conference delegates to vote for:

– Rheian Davies (membership number L1443442)

– Anna Dyer (L0081865)

– Annabelle Harle ((A002070)

– Emine Ibrahim (L0150489)

More information on all the candidates standing for these elections is available to Labour members on the Party website:

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