Labour Party

Labour Women’s Conference

The Labour Party’s Women’s Conference will take place online over the weekend of Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th March. Since the Women’s Conference was re-established under the Corbyn leadership the left has won most of the policy battles and the elections there, but this year’s conference is expected to be a lot closer between left and right.

CLPs and Women’s Branches (where they have been established and formally recognised) have until 11th February to elect two delegates to represent them. Delegates must have been party members since at least 11th August 2021 and at least one of the two delegates should identify as BAME, Disabled or LGBT+.

Resolutions or Rule Changes must be submitted by 21st February. For the first time in decades Women’s Conference will have the right to discuss and propose Rule Changes (or Constitutional Amendments as they are also known) for the National Labour Women’s Organisation. Nine possible Rule Changes on structure and process can be found at:

If your organisation doesn’t want to propose a Rule Change, you can submit a resolution of no more than 250 words on an issue of importance to Women. Model resolutions on the NHS, Covid, Refugees, Abortion, Education, Crime and Care can be found at:

There are three left candidates standing for the Women’s Conference Arrangements Committee (WCAC). They are committed to building a democratic, inclusive, policy-making, annual Women’s Conference in which grassroots members and trade unionists’ voices are heard. Please get your CLP or Women’s Branch to nominate by 10th March: Jean Crocker, Gillian Arrindell and Selina Norgrove.

Jean Crocker, Gateshead CLP, Labour Membership Number L1306356, is an incumbent representative on the Women’s CAC since 2017. Formerly a member of the University & College Union NEC. She has worked to ensure proper voting on resolutions and the right for Women’s Conference to send resolutions direct to Annual Conference. She supports better provision of info and deadlines to CLPs and the right of delegates alone to decide wording of composites.

Gillian Arrindell, Cities of Westminster & London CLP, L1478948, was formerly her CLP Women’s Officer and is now the BAME Officer. A legal advisor and Council candidate, she is a member of Disability Labour and Unite the Union. Active in Labour Women Leading and Black Lives Matter, she wants to add to the diversity of the committee, to make it more representative of members and to make the Women’s Conference more relevant and representative.

Selina Norgrove, Broxbourne CLP, L1274567, joined Labour in 2015 and has become a borough councillor and an activist in a variety of campaigns, including mutual aid groups and a local food charity where the majority seeking assistance are women. A Unite member, she will campaign to ensure that party members and trade unions play a full role in debate and discussion at Women’s Conference and that the party’s processes are more transparent.

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