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Labour Party NEC and NCC elections (CLP section)

Support the Grassroots 5

A strong voice for members and party democracy

Fighting the Tories

For peace, justice and equality

Against austerity, racism and war

Ask your CLP to nominate the following 5 candidates for the Labour Party National Executive Committee (NEC):

Jessica Barnard – Membership No L1204334

Gemma Bolton – Membership No L1405940

Yasmine Dar – Membership No L1173052

Mish Rahman – Membership No L0137964

Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi – Membership No L0089569

The deadline for NEC nominations to be received by the party is 12 noon, Friday 17th June 2022. Each CLP can make up to nine nominations.

The Grassroots 5 candidates are supported by:

Campaign for Labour Party Democracy

Campaign for Socialism (Scotland)

Jewish Voice for Labour

Kashmiris for Labour

Labour Briefing (Co-op)

Labour CND

Welsh Labour Grassroots

Jessica Barnard – Membership Number L1204334

As a youth worker I have spent years supporting young people and families experiencing insecure work, devastating cuts to their community and denied a secure home. More than ever we need to take the fight to the Tories and deliver a socialist Labour government that tackles wealth inequality, putting people first.

We must fight racism, stand for peace, global justice and real action to tackle the climate emergency.

I am standing to ensure our party is led by working class voices who will stand up for the policies we need.

I will be a strong voice for party democracy, accountability, the rights of our brilliant membership and for equality and liberation campaigns.

As Young Labour Chair I have worked relentlessly to champion the voice of young members at one of the toughest moments facing us. I have lead campaigning actions across my region for years, served as a County Councillor in Norfolk, stood as a Parliamentary Candidate and am a dedicated community activist and organiser.

I am firmly committed to trade unionist and socialist principles, and am proud to be supported by the Centre-Left Grassroots Alliance and Momentum. Please also support Mish Rahman, Gemma Bolton and Yasmine Dar.

Gemma Bolton – Membership Number L1405940

I’m standing for re-election to Labour’s NEC to continue to fight for a socialist and democratic party which upholds the rulebook, decisions of its annual conference, and puts members and working people at its core.

To win, Labour must fight for a socialist policy agenda in opposition to Conservative attacks on our jobs, health, shared values and living standards. We must oppose Tory austerity; support public ownership; a Green New Deal; a peace-oriented, independent foreign policy and fight rising poverty and racism.

As an NEC member I have:

– Worked to create new democratic Student and BAME structures

– Produced detailed written reports of NEC meetings

– Voted to return the whip to Jeremy Corbyn

– Campaigned for the publication of the Forde Report

– Opposed unfair proscriptions and expulsions

– Opposed rule changes that weaken members’ rights

I have fought for democracy and a greater voice for grassroots members at all levels of our party, including on the South East Regional Executive, Women’s Conference Arrangements Committee, and as co-Chair of the Campaign for Labour Party Democracy (CLPD). I’m proudly endorsed by the Centre-Left Grassroots Alliance (CLGA) including CLPD and Momentum. Please support the other CLGA endorsed candidates.

Twitter: @gembolton

Facebook: Gemma4LabourNEC

Yasmine Dar – Membership Number L1173052

I’m standing for re-election to the NEC, to continue as a strong voice defending grassroots members, the lifeblood of our Party. On the NEC I have:

•Been a strong supporter of popular, transformative economic policies and an internationalist foreign policy for peace, justice, and human rights.

•Pushed for greater democracy, the long overdue publication of the Forde report and dynamic, inclusive equalities structures.

•Fought for transparent, fair disciplinary processes based on natural justice.

•Supported more say for grassroots members, including the right to select the candidates we want.

My experiences as a BAME woman, a social worker, anti-racist activist, and Councillor have shaped my socialism and fuelled my determination to fight for a transformative Labour government. As the cost of living and inequalities soar and the devastating impact of Covid continues, it is time to step up our campaign against this vicious government.

I support campaigns such as Black Lives Matter, a Green New Deal as well as maintaining a strong commitment to anti-war activism.

I am proud to be supported by the Centre Left Grassroots Alliance, Campaign for Labour Party Democracy and Momentum. Please also support Gemma Bolton, Mish Rahman and Jess Barnard.

Mish Rahman – Membership Number L0137964

I was elected to Labour’s NEC in 2020 to ensure a strong voice for members and greater oversight over Party governance.

I am now seeking re-election after a term where I have:

– Strived to ensure fairness and due process on disciplinary panels

– Continually argued for consistent implementation of the rulebook and opposed arbitrary decision-making

– Regularly reported back via online calls, articles and social media

– Worked with NEC reps from all sides to introduce new equalities structures, including a BAME Members’ Structure

With a General Election looming towards the end of this term, I will work to deliver an election-winning party which will radically change the lives of millions for the better. That means supporting popular, member-backed policies like a Green New Deal, public ownership, rolling back privatisation of the NHS, repealing anti-trade union laws, advancing migrants’ rights, and internationalist solidarity.

As a working-class man of Bangladeshi heritage, whose father campaigned in the 1980s against the National Front, I have always been a committed anti-racist activist.

I am proud to be supported by the Centre-Left Grassroots Alliance and Momentum. Please also support Jess Barnard, Gemma Bolton, and Yasmine Dar.

twitter @mish_rahman

web –

Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi – Membership Number L0089569

My purpose on the NEC – to represent grassroots members. Let’s face it – the left in the Labour Party is under existential threat. The policy gains and the process of democratisation under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership are being jettisoned. The response has to be solidarity and unity.

If elected I will work with comrades to re-energise embattled grassroots members, advocating against militarism; for international solidarity with the oppressed; and for collective mobilisation in unions, CLPs and communities where resistance is building against racist threats, crumbling public services and attacks on working conditions.

I will stand firm against proscription of left groupings; defend those unjustly accused; oppose antidemocratic actions by the leadership; and commit to open communication with members.

My experience

Trade union activist since the 1970s; workplace rep in the NUJ and then NUT; vice-chair of Chingford and Woodford Green CLP 2016-20; currently Waltham Forest NEU International Solidarity Officer; Jewish Voice for Labour Media Officer.

I have worked collaboratively with left organisations in the party and unions, defending socialist policies, democracy and members’ right to free speech.

I am standing to add my voice to those of current left NEC reps Mish Rahman, Gemma Bolton and Yasmine Dar.

National Constitutional Committee (CLP Section) Elections 2022
Urge your CLP to nominate the three centre-left candidates below for Labour’s National Constitutional Committee (NCC):

Daniel Blaney
Khaled Moyeed
Cecile Wright

These candidates are all sitting members of the NCC and are part of a strong centre-left team on the NCC that defends the rights of members, fairness and natural justice. They are supported in this election by the Centre-Left Grassroots Alliance (CLGA).

The deadline for CLPs to submit their nominations is Friday 17th June.

Candidates’ Statements

Daniel Blaney – Membership Number A885633

Incumbent NCC member for just over 3 years – term was extended due to Covid.
Party member since a teenager, and member in West Ham CLP since 2012. Former branch secretary, CLP fundraising officer, CLP delegate to conference. Active in the Campaign for Labour Party Democracy and Labour CND. Member of Unite (Legal Workers Branch 1/790).
The National Constitutional Committee must deliberate over matters of party discipline in a thorough, fair and diligent manner. I have assisted in that by working with other committee members and party staff to redraft our procedural rules. I have a strong commitment to fairness and natural justice.
I am aware of grassroots experiences of the disciplinary process and am deeply concerned to ensure members have confidence in the process.

Khaled Moyeed – Membership Number L0128862

I am standing to be re-elected as a CLP representative on Labour’s NCC. I have served on the NCC since 2018. I have been a councillor in Haringey since May 2018. Outside politics, I am a solicitor specialising in dispute resolution.
My personal journey has shaped my passion for public service. I moved to Haringey with my family from Bangladesh at the age of 12. I lived in temporary accommodation for many years, moving to different parts of Haringey until we were allocated a permanent council house. After graduating with a Law degree, I worked in Haringey as a community organiser in the early years of my career, delivering projects to improve community cohesion and reduce crime.
I left Haringey to pursue my dream to become a litigation and arbitration lawyer. I worked at two leading international law firms in the City of London, and I’ve now set up my own legal practice – but have always remained active in my community.
I am running for a place on Labour’s NCC because I would like to continue to be a powerful voice representing ordinary members, who are the backbone of our movement. I have always been close to party members who had elected me to serve them in various positions within the Party. My skills as a dispute resolution lawyer have helped me in my role on the NCC. I have been an effective chair of panels and worked well with other NCC members as co-panellists.

Cecile Wright – Membership Number A481880

I have served as a member of the NCC for 3 years. During this time, I have endeavoured to be a strong voice for the membership, ensuring that the party’s core values of fairness, equality and justice inform how complaints are investigated.
I have worked with others to ensure that the NCC is transparent, open and fair and investigations into conduct and decisions are made in a timely manner.
I have been a lifelong member of the Labour Party. I have extensive experience of representing Labour members through positions held at branch and CLP levels. I have stood as a Labour Party candidate in Derby at local elections on several occasions. I am currently the BAME offer for Derby North CLP.
I am a member of Unite and the University & College Union (UCU).
I have worked both in the public and voluntary sectors. I am an academic and campaigner in the areas of equality and social justice.
If re-elected, I will continue to be a strong voice for the membership.
Derby North CLP
Face Book: Facebook:Cecile Wright

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