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Support the left in Labour’s elections

There will be a series of elections for some of Labour’s internal national committees this year. They offer Labour Party members a chance to express their view on the direction of the party under Keir Starmer by voting for candidates that support an open and inclusive, democratic and radical party. Women’s Conference Labour Women’s Conference… Continue reading Support the left in Labour’s elections

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Labour Leader and Deputy Leader Elections

Labour Party Leader and Deputy Leader Elections Ballot papers for these elections are being sent out from 24th February. The Labour Briefing Co-op is supporting Rebecca Long-Bailey for Labour Leader and Richard Burgon for Deputy Leader. These candidates support policies that will make people better off and that Labour needs in order to win the… Continue reading Labour Leader and Deputy Leader Elections

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Don’t mourn, organise!

Stephen Beckett Labour Briefing Editorial Board member The result of the general election came as a shock, it was an upsetting shock, it was a painful shock and many exhausted activists are still in mourning. Who lost, Labour, obviously. Our party lost 2.5 million votes compared to 2017. But the Lib Dems despite gaining 1.5… Continue reading Don’t mourn, organise!